Drunk Drivers are no longer public enemy #1.

It’s time we admit it, it’s time to take action. Since 1982, we have seen a decrease in drunk driver fatalities by 48%! This can be attributed to many things, but it’s hard to ignore that the harsh penalties including, high traffic violation fees, jail time, ignition interlock devices and special insurance requirements (SR22) have all done their part to deter drunk driving.

“Phone Addicts” on the other hand have exponentially increased over the past several years and the trend is not reversing, its only getting worse. What is a “Phone Addict?:”

“Phone Addicts”:

  • Spend 3 times more drive time actively using their phone*
  • Actively ignore the road 28% of the time they’re driving*
  • Drive 50% more than the general population*
  • Are more of a public danger than drunk drivers*

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We are asked all the time, “why did my insurance go up?”. The number one reason is that distracted drivers are causing not only a higher frequency of accidents overall, but they are commonly more severe in nature, causing total losses and medical injuries. So, if the frequency of accidents is up and the cost per accident is up, everything else aside, we can count on increasing auto insurance rates.

So where do we go from here? Recognizing the issue is the first step.  We can’t continue to ignore the issue and expect things to change. In fact:

  • Distracted Driving has gone up in every state year over year*
  • Drivers are 10% more distracted this year than last year*
  • The general population now uses their phone 1 minute & 48 seconds per hour while driving*
  • “Phone Addicts” use their phone 6 minutes per hour while driving*

These numbers are almost double the previous year! We encourage you to have a talk with yourself, your spouse’s, your children and anyone who will listen and take your advice. Explain to them the dangers and consequences of using your phone while driving. in 2018, 6,227 pedestrians lost their lives to distracted driving related to smart phones*. This number does not include drivers and passengers who have lost their lives. I think we can all agree for the need to put our phones down and be aware of our surroundings, but will YOU?

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*source: zendrive’s 2019 distracted driver study