Umbrella insurance is one of the most important insurance policies one can buy. Just one serious accident, along with the resulting medical costs, lawsuits and other expenses, can put everything a family owns—and even future income—at risk. Dollar per dollar it also offers the best deal money can buy to protect your financial future. Umbrella insurance is not just for the ultra wealthy, it’s for everybody including you! You should consider an umbrella policy if any of the following apply to you:

  • Own a vehicle
  • Have job, assets, or retirement savings
  • Have children, especially a teenager
  • Use social media such as facebook or allow your children to use social media
  • Have pets especially dogs prone to biting
  • Own a home or are buying a home
  • Host parties or entertain guests in your home
  • Carpool or host other people’s children at your house
  • Serve on a board or perform volunteer service
  • Travel abroad
  • Own toys such as a boat, jet-ski, ATV, snowmobile, golf cart, motorhome, or other recreational vehicle
  • Rent a boat, snowmobile, ATV or other recreational vehicle while on vacation
  • Own properties rented to others
  • Have a pulse :) – All jokes aside, umbrella insurance should not be overlooked.

If you have answered yes to any of the above, you should definitely ask your local independent agent about adding a personal umbrella policy to your insurance package.